Mexico PE Day, New York, 2014 - Photos

On June 5th AMEXCAP hosted it's 2014 Mexico PE Day: Private Equity, Real Estate & Infrastructure at The Westin, New York. During this 2nd edition, we gathered more than 150 participants, between LPs, GPs and 48 speakers who shared their specialized views in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Energy sectors.


The Mexico PE Day participants had several networking spaces, from one-on-one meeting rooms to a networking cocktail to help develop and strengthen bonds between industry players. 





AMEXCAP-0003-2  AMEXCAP-0003    


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AMEXCAP-0011  AMEXCAP-0011-2




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 AMEXCAP-0030  AMEXCAP-0030-2

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