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Private Equity, tan rentable como el S&P 500


¿Qué tan buena oportunidad de negocios es el private equity en el mundo? Muy buena. En EEUU, país en el cual existen los mejores indicadores, el sector iguala y en ocasiones supera la rentabilidad del célebre S&P 500.

Sustainability as a Driver of Growth by The Abraaj Group

Sustainability Report by The Abraaj Group

In conversation Abraaj Board Member Jane Nelson and Managing Director Frederic Sicre explain why sustainability principles must be put into practice.

The Private Equity and Venture Capital Environment in Latin America by LAVCA

LAVCA 2013

LAVCA first published the Annual Scorecard on the PE/VC Environment in Latin America in 2006, establishing an important on the region’s markets benchmark for investors, fund managers and policymakers.

Private equity value creation in Latin America. By EY and EMPEA


Building vital partnerships. How do private equity investors create value? A joint study of private equity exits in Latin America by EMPEA and EY.


What is a Sustainable Level of Annual Fundraising in the Longer Term Across the PE Industry?


Preqin Presentation in Super Investor 2012, Paris, November, 2013.