Capital Indigo invests in Winbits

Publicado el 26/Noviembre/2014

Capital Indigo announced that its fund “Indigo 1 FICAP” made an investment in Winbits.

Winbits, best known for its brand name “Clickonero”, is a leading player in the fast growing e-commerce industry in Mexico. By offering attractive discounts through flash sales in [five] different categories, the company has positioned itself as one of the favorites among Mexican consumers.

Everardo Camacho, Managing Partner of Capital Indigo, said: “We are very excited to partner with Winbits. This investment opportunity provides our investors access to a growing company actively participating in one of the most interesting and disruptive trends in the retail market worldwide. The migration of traditional retail to e-commerce is rapidly accelerating in most emerging markets, including Mexico. E-commerce in Mexico has been growing  in excess of 50% per year over the past four years and Winbits is well positioned to capitalize on these dynamics”.

Arian González, CEO of Winbits, commented: “This investment round represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Company. With Indigo as our partner we are now in a position to grow our customer base and category lines. We will be able to accelerate our long-term strategy and consolidate our position as a leading player in the industry in Mexico. Indigo has already proven to provide sound strategic advice and we are looking forward to having them on our Board of Directors”.

About Winbits (

Winbits is a Mexican e-commerce platform currently offering flash sales of different products through its site “Clickonero”. The company provides a wide range of products including travel packages, apparel and accessories, electronics and more.

About Capital Indigo (

Capital Indigo is a private equity firm based in Mexico City focused primarily on growth-equity and mezzanine investments in Mexican companies. The team shares nearly seventy years of key investment, operational and financial experience and play an active role in each of their investments.