Nexxus III fully divests from Crédito Real

Publicado el 02/Abril/2014

Nexxus Capital, through Nexxus Capital Private Equity Fund III, L.P. (“Nexxus III” or the “Fund”), fully divested its position in Crédito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., S.O.F.O.M., E.N.R ("Crédito Real" or the “Company") through a distribution of its remaining shares in Crédito Real to investors on December 2013.

Crédito Real is a leading financial company in Mexico with a focus on consumer lending and with a diversified business platform attending a large sector of the population underserved by traditional banks.

On November 2007, Nexxus Capital executed the investment in Crédito Real. On October 2012, Nexxus Capital successfully listed Crédito Real’s shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange (ticker symbol "CREAL"). During our partnership, net loan portfolio increased by 5 times resulting in MXN$10,423 million, a CAGR 2007-2013 of 30%, and net income increased by more than 23 times reaching MXN$1,004 million, a CAGR 2007-2013 of 69%, by December 2013.

Nexxus Capital continues analyzing investments for its sixth fund, recently closed at US$550 million, in mid-sized Mexican companies with high-growth potential whose value can be enhanced through improved management and operations, value-added acquisitions and application of world class business models.

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Nexxus Capital, based in Mexico City, was founded in 1995 and is the largest Mexican private equity fund manager. Nexxus Capital has delivered above region unleveraged average returns to investors.