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Twelve Hundred VC (1200 VC)

Capital Emprendedor

888 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA, USA CP, 92037

Twelve Hundred (“1200 VC”) is an early-stage investment platform investing in fund managers and founders shaping the future of humanity. We focus on transformative technologies and cross-regional value creation to accelerate planetary and human betterment. -Key Sectors: Generalist Cloud & SaaS eCommerce enablers (including FinTech, Logistics, and Marketplaces) UrbanTech, PropTech, and Mobility FinTech and InsurTech Human Capital development (including HR, EdTech, and Marketplaces) -Frontier Technologies: Genomics, Robotics, Space Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Climate Action, AgriTech, and ClimateTech HealthTech Blockchain