VII Mexico VC Day

VII Mexico VC Day

Fecha: 17/Oct/2019

Hora: 8:00 hrs

Lugar: 360 Lab, San Francisco, CA

Every year since 2013, AMEXCAP has organized the Mexico VC Day, the largest and most important Mexican VC industry event. This year´s edition will gather over 40 speakers, as well as International GPs and entrepreneurs who will discuss the current interactions between the Mexican and the US Venture Capital ecosystem, offering an in-depth view of this industry´s environment.


Furthermore, separate panel discussions will address a wide range of relevant topics: LPs perspective, Mexico´s economic overview, Mexico as an attractive destination for global investors, a legal perspective of the Fintech industry and US VCs investing in Mexico, among others.


Mexico VC Day brings together General Partners, Limited Partners, Institutional Investors, Entrepreneurs, Financial Services Advisors, Government Officials, Policy Makers and academic personalities to exchange perspectives, insights and up-to-date information regarding the challenges that the VC industry faces. 


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