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The Mexican Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds (AMEXCAP) is a non-profit association. The Association currently represents more than 80 PE, VC, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Energy funds that actively invest in Mexico, and more than 40 advisory services institutions.

Our mission

To promote the development of the Private Equity industry and of the Venture Capital ecosystem in Mexico.


Mexico as an investment opportunity

“The private equity industry in Mexico has raised a sum of more than US $69.5 billion in the last twenty years.”


2ND Largest economy in LATAM

15TH Largest economy in the world

9TH Place among exporters worldwide in 2019


Trillion USD in GDP 2019


Days to open a business




In WEF’s 2019 Competitiveness Index


Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries


Bilateral Investment Treaties

Why Invest in Mexico

Invest in Mexico

Mexico is more than its stunning landscapes, excellent cuisine, and vibrant culture; it is a great investment destination.

Amid these turbulent times, there are a number of reasons that are worth considering when it comes to doing business and diversifying investment portfolios in Mexico this year.

These can be grouped into the following categories:


In 1986, Mexico signed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), and since then it has signed several Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries. This has helped transform Mexico’s economy to become one of the world’s top export powers of today.

Access to the largest markets in the world

Mexico shares its northern border with the United States, the world’s largest market, which extends for a length of 3,141 kilometers (1,952 mi). This proximity, along with the Free Trade Agreement, help explain why Mexico sells to the US more than Japan, Germany and South Korea combined1, which amounted to $361 Billion USD in 2019.

Mexico is one of the largest economies (and with highest potential)

Mexico’s economy is placed 15th in the world, and 2nd largest in LATAM just after Brazil.
According to certain projections2, Mexico is set to become one of the 7 largest global economies by 2050, bigger than Germany and the UK, thanks to its strong manufacturing industry and extensive foreign trade.

Invest in Mexico
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Open economy

Mexico shines when it comes to international trade. It has signed 13 Free Trade Agreements covering 50 countries, which gives it access to more than 1 billion consumers throughout the world. In that sense, Mexico is an ideal export platform to access 60% of the world’s GDP.
Nowadays, Mexico exports more than all other LATAM combined, including Brazil. In 2019, Mexico sold $480 Billion USD worth of goods to the world, making it the 9th top exporter worldwide.

Modern economy

Over the last 15 years, Mexico has further developed its manufacturing base and as a result has become a leader in many different sectors, including tech.


  • In 2018, Mexico became the fourth largest exporter of vehicles in the world in terms of value, just behind Germany, and Japan, and very close behind the United States.
  • Mexico exports more than 78 USD billion in high-tech electronics to the world, including television screens, computers and telecommunications equipment, among others.
  • Mexico is the largest exporter of two-door refrigerators with freezers in the world, the fifth largest exporter of computers, and the tenth largest exporter of mobile phones.
  • In the medical device industry, Mexico is the largest exporter in Latin America and the largest supplier to the United States.

Top-tier human resources

Mexico has a highly trained and specialized workforce and boasts the 8th best record for engineers graduating per year domestically.3

Sound macroeconomic fundamentals

Mexico’s macroeconomic fundamentals are solid. In 2019, domestic inflation was less than 3%, and less than 3.15% in 2020. Also, the economic growth in the past 10 years has been 2.1% on average.
The Governor (Alejandro Díaz de León) of the well reputed Central Bank, an institution that oversees all of the macroeconomic variables of the country and whose independent body gives security to investors and the economy in general, was just recently awarded “Governor of the year” by Central Banking.

Invest in Mexico
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Mexico is privileged with its geographical location and modern infrastructure. According to the WEF, Mexico is among the 30% of countries with the best transport infrastructure, with 172,000 km of roads, 27,000 km of railways, 117 ports, and 76 airports (64 international and 12 national).


There are at least three external reasons why it is wise to consider Mexico as a great investment destination in 2021, especially when compared with other emerging markets.


The US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), the replacement to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), went into effect on July 1st, 2020. With this, the three countries are bringing their economic relations to the 21st Century.

The FTA now includes additional chapters that regulate trade in services (trade in goods was already tariff-free almost entirely) and other relevant trade disciplines, such as intellectual property.

The new chapter on digital trade contains the strongest provisions of any international agreement, supporting internet-enabled small businesses and e-commerce exports. For example, it prohibits customs duties on digital products distributed electronically (e-books, videos, music, software, games, etc.).6

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China competition

USA-China competition

The technological and commercial war between the United States and China has opened a window of opportunity for Mexico because it is driving and facilitating both the relocation and attraction of industries and powering the growth of existing industries on Mexico’s soil. Goods that used to come from China can now be provided by Mexico. This policy towards China, started by the Trump’s administration, is set to continue during the Biden presidency.

In Mexico there are great opportunities to be discovered

and several big, global players are already taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities that Mexico presents.

Reshoring, nearshoring and Covid-19

According to UNCTAD7, Global Value Chains are changing to become even more regional and this will be accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is where Mexico’s strategic location plays a key role.

Chinese companies are seeking to increase the quantity of automotive parts they make in Mexico. Auto parts manufacturers that have already established operations here are:

  • Minth, which supplies Nissan, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Audi, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors.
  • Hangzhou XZB Tech, which in 2019 opened a new factory in Nuevo León.
  • Minghua started operations in San Luis Potosí, a supplier of a range of parts to Audi, Ford and General Motors.

Impro Precision, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, announced in late 2020 that it is building a North American production based in the city of San Luis Potosí in central Mexico. Also, Taiwan-based electronics manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron are among companies eyeing new factories in Mexico.

Recent investments have been announced in multiple sectors, such as the automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace.

USD 1 billion

USD 600 M

USD 700 M

USD 500 M

USD 260 M



Take a look at the 2021 Awards of the Private Equity industry in Mexico!



The industry has reached a good level of maturity: from 321 GPs that have operated in Mexico, 124 GPs have raised more than one investment vehicle (over a third of GPs), a fourth of GPs operating in Mexico, had raised more than 3 investment funds and at least 75 of them had subsequent funds.

The ongoing creation of a broad base of early-stage companies to receive financing from late-stage funds.

An increasing base of potential medium-sized companies with broad financing needs.

Implementation of Best Practices in management and standard businesses that improve the performance of a company boosting its competitiveness within the economy.

Remarkable position for Mexico to take advantage of the geopolitical rift. Noting that Mexico is a manufacturer leader and top exporter, it has a strategic geographic location to produce for the USA, China, and Europe.

Industry segments

Consumer Products



Real Estate




Infrastructure and Energy


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